How to Get Your Fifth-Grade Boys to Worship

How to Get Your Fifth-Grade Boys to Worship

The worship of children is precious to the Lord. He really likes it when children worship Him. In fact, the Bible calls it perfect praise (see Matt. 21:16 nkjv).

If the worship part of the service is for the Lord, what do you think He wants?

  • Does He want it to be exciting?
  • Does He want us to worship Him passionately?
  • What does a really good worship service look like?

There are many different styles and ideas about worship, but the bottom line is a good worship service is when everybody is participating.

If the kids are not singing, then you need to start asking some questions.

I was having a conversation with a children’s pastor, and I asked, “What is your biggest challenge right now?”

“I can’t get my fifth-grade boys to enter into worship,” she replied.

I asked her, “Are you doing motions with your worship songs?” “Yes, we are.”

“What do the fifth-grade boys think of the motions?” “They think the motions are stupid.”

At that point, someone else chimed in. “You just need to pray that they will get their hearts right, and then they will want to do the motions.”

Whoa! Wait a minute. Where does it say in the Bible that your heart isn’t right if you don’t want to do the motions?

The key to corporate worship is participation, but worship isn’t everybody doing the same thing at the same time.

If your fourth and fifth graders are participating in worship, they will in influence the whole group.

What does a good worship service look like?

Ask the oldest kids in your class.

Fourth and fifth graders think that they are little teenagers, so I would take a look at what worship looks like in the youth ministry. That’s where your kids are headed, so it’s good to sing songs that will prepare them for youth.

Here are some basic tips for a good worship service:

1. Have young worship leaders on the platform.

We use kids, teens and adults in our worship team.

2. Have male and female worship leaders.

If there are no men on the stage, the boys will not enter in.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

If you are using videos, you still need to have a rehearsal. If it’s not important to you, it won’t be important to the kids.

4. Drop the kiddie songs.

Use songs that they sing in youth or in the main sanctuary.

5. Not all songs work with kids.

Use songs that have fewer words and simple choruses.

6. All leaders and teachers in the room need to participate in worship.

If the teachers aren’t worshiping, the kids won’t.

7. Do regular teachings on how to worship God.

8. Pride is the biggest hindrance for kids.

If they are concerned about what their friends are thinking, they won’t enter in.

9. Be transparent.

Talk about how you have had to overcome your own pride issues.

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