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Thank You Notes for Children’s Ministry Volunteers & Leaders

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Thank you notes for children’s ministry volunteers and leaders are always a blessing. So use or adapt this wording to express appreciation for all the wonderful folks who keep your church’s kidmin program running!

Dear Children’s Ministry Team Member,

I’m thankful for you!

Thank you for taking care of the 1,000 little details during the week that make weekends, programs, and events run smoothly. Most people don’t know how hard you work. But we know that weekend services, events, and programs don’t happen magically. It takes a lot of work. Thanks for going the second mile week in and week out to make it happen.

Thank you for looking beyond yourself and focusing on the next generation. I know children’s ministry doesn’t always get the attention, recognition, budget and promotion that other ministries do. But thanks for not letting that stop you from serving the least of these. One day, the least of these will do the most for the kingdom. And you’re preparing them for that day. You’re investing in kids who will lead strong in God’s kingdom long after you’re gone.

Thanks for loving. For loving children, parents, and grandparents. For loving children’s ministry volunteers and students. Your heart is synced with the heart of Jesus.

Thank you for not giving up. Thanks for continuing when people don’t appreciate you or misunderstand you. For continuing when you make mistakes, when the pay is little to none, when you’re discouraged. Thanks for continuing when needs exceed the budget. When you’re short on help or when someone you’ve mentored walks away. For continuing when kids don’t listen or do the opposite of what you teach. For continuing when people resist much-needed change. Thank you for fighting on, keeping your faith, and staying on course.

Thanks for loving the hard-to-love child. Thank you for looking beyond the surface and seeing what he can be. It matters that you believe in this child when no one else does. Thanks for not turning your back on him when he disrupts your lessons and acts out the turmoil he’s experiencing outside of church. Thank you for looking beyond the symptoms and trying to help him overcome the cause of his actions.

Thank you for embracing the messiness of ministry. Thanks for embracing families who are dysfunctional. For walking toward messy conversations rather than avoiding them. Thank you for being the friend of sinners. For reaching out to kids and families no one else wants to embrace because of the time and attention required. Thanks for joining Jesus in the mess.