God Questions Kids Want to Ask

God Questions

If you could ask God any question, what would it be? That’s the question I posed to the kids at church this past Sunday. It was Mustache Night at KidVenture and I wanted to know what questions they “mustache” God.

We actually did this in both KidVenture and Kidz Church so all kids were able to participate. Our younger classes drew pictures for God and wrote at the top of their paper their questions, while our older kids wrote down their questions on speech bubble cut-outs. I then took all the questions and put them on our “We mustache God a question” bulletin board. It’s been fun watching everyone stop by and read these great questions.

The younger kids asked things like: How are my grandparents? Can you say hello to my kitten for me? How old are you? How do you make flowers? How are things in heaven?

Some of the questions were silly: When were t-shirts invented? Do you like pants? Do you like brussel sprouts? Are beards a mistake? Is Harry Potter real? Did you make the world with your nose? I think these were some of our older kids being silly!

However, there were some really good questions: Jesus, will you live in my heart forever? What is heaven like? What is the exact time and date of my death? Why did you create the world?

I enjoyed reading all of the questions from our kids. I love their innocence and simplicity in asking God their questions. Adults have deeper questions: Why did this happen to me? Why do good people die? Why did you have to take my loved one so young? Will you provide for me? Why do I have to tithe? Why is there evil in the world? Why isn’t there peace on earth? Do you really forgive us of all our sins? Are you there God?

You may be struggling in your life and in your ministry right now. You may be wondering if God even hears your prayers. Remember the story of Elijah from 1 Kings 19 when he fled to Mount Horeb because he feared for his life? He was wanting to hear from God so God told him to stand on the mountain for he was about to pass by. There came a strong wind, but he was not there. Then came an earthquake, but he was not there. Then a fire, but he was not there. After that there was complete silence. That is when he heard God speaking to him.

Many of you may be like Elijah, really wanting to hear from God, especially after something has happened in your life that has you questioning many things. Where is God and does he hear me? Yes, God is with you. Yes, God does hear you. Ask  your questions and then be silent and listen. God will speak.

What questions do you want to ask God today?

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