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Best Family Movies: The 6 Best Foreign Films for Family Movie Night

Topics of Discussion
African traditional religion uses fear to control people. Discuss how fear dominates the actions of the characters in the movie. Talk about how those in leadership take advantage of these outcasts instead of helping them. Think of the challenges Christians may have in breaking these long-held superstitions about witches and bad magic.

The film implies a character commits suicide, though there is no graphic violence on screen.

Where to Watch
I Am Not a Witch is available on DVD and Blu-ray and can be streamed on iTunesVuduFandangoNow and Amazon.

Timbuktu (Mali, 2014)

Set in Timbuktu, Mali, during its 2012 occupation by Islamic extremists, the film tells the story of a feud between a cattle herder and a fisherman that rapidly escalates into violence. The plot mainly serves as a setup to expose the oppressive mood that settles on the town’s citizens as their occupiers impose Islamic sharia law. One standout scene features the town’s youth participating in a soccer match with an imaginary ball since the jihadists have banned sports.

Topics of Discussion
This film is helpful in the way it can expose Western audiences to the ways in which extremists oppress local populations and force people to follow religious ideas under threat of violence. While this film is about Muslims, it can be used to start a conversation about persecuted Christians around the world. Discuss the hypocrisy of the legalistic occupiers who smoke cigarettes in secret and are themselves obsessed with European soccer while imposing a sports ban.

There are scenes of gun violence and an intense scene in which a woman is publicly whipped.

Where to Watch
Timbuktu is available on DVD and Blu-ray and can be streamed on iTunesGoogle PlayYouTubeVudu and Amazon.

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