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6 Surprising Things Your Kids Will Never Tell You

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Have you ever wondered, ‘What is my kid thinking?” No matter how good a family life you may think you have, there are almost always some things that your kids are thinking that they may never tell you.

Here are 6 of those things that are true, but that you might be surprised to hear if your kids actually told you.

Listen to their voice in this open letter to you.

Mom & Dad,

I may never tell you these things out loud, but I think about them and they come from my heart. Quite honestly, I’d be a bit embarrassed to admit these things verbally, but I still believe them.

1. “I don’t always like your rules, but I’m thankful for them.”

I usually try to make you think I despise all your rules, but I actually want them. Rules create boundaries for me and boundaries give me protection and security. I need and want both.

2. “You really get on my nerves sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sometimes you just seem so “old school” in the way you think and act. It irritates me because you’re not always as up to speed on the latest fashions and technology. But, if I’m honest, I kind of like you that way.

3. “I hate it when you both fight, but I love it when you make up.”

It really bothers me when you two raise your voices at each other or are obviously at odds because of the silent treatment. It makes me feel insecure and I begin to question what I might have done wrong to cause you to be that way. However, it does me good to see you make up. Even though I tell you it’s gross, it really does make me feel secure and loved to see you loving each other.

4. “Sometimes when I ask for something, I wish you’d tell me no.”

I don’t just want you to be my friend, I need you to be my authority. I know it sounds weird, but instead of always telling me yes to what I want in order to please me, it would actually make me feel better if you would at least sometimes tell me no. It reminds me that you’re the one in charge and not the other way around and that despite what I want, you want something even better for me.

5. “I may act like I’m too old for it, but I still like being hugged by you.”

I may put on the front that I don’t want that hug in public or that kiss before I go to bed at night, but I’m going to wonder why you didn’t when I grow up and have kids of my own. As long as I’m still living in your house, I still like your physical affection.

6. “I may be embarrassed, but it still means the world to me when you say I love you.”

I may specifically tell you not to embarrass me in front of my friends and to absolutely never say “I love you” when others are around, but please do it anyway from time to time. I might never say it out loud, but I actually like being publicly reminded of your love.

Mom and Dad, I may never tell you these things, but they’re true, even if you never hear me say them.

I love you.

Your Child

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