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25 Ways to Tell Your Kids I Love You (without saying ‘I Love You’)

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25 Ways to Tell Your Kids I Love You (without saying ‘I Love You’)

Kids enjoy being shown they are loved just as much if not more than they enjoy being told they are loved.

Here are 25 ways to tell your kids I love you without telling your kids “I love you”.

  1. Tickle them
  2. Wrestle with them
  3. Hug them
  4. Listen to them
  5. Tease them
  6. Play outside with them
  7. Play inside with them
  8. Write notes to them
  9. Read to them
  10. Compliment them
  11. Praise them when they do right
  12. Discipline them when they do wrong (yes, this too speaks love loud and clear)
  13. Brag on them in front of others
  14. Kiss them on the head for no reason
  15. Pray with them
  16. Pray for them
  17. Sacrifice your time for them
  18. Sacrifice of your money to please
  19. them
  20. Be their biggest cheerleader and fan
  21. Tell them that they are special
  22. Give them a special keepsake that was yours as a child
  23. Take a day off work and make them the center of your attention
  24. Invite them to share their feelings with you
  25. Ask them what they want to do… and then do it
  26. Love their mother or father

Okay, so we probably could easily mention 25 more, but let’s not forget that as we show love by giving gifts to our children…

“One of the greatest gifts you can ever give to your children is the gift of yourself.”

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