Bible Drills Can Be Fun! Here's How

When you hear the words “Bible Drill” do you shudder? Does the idea of challenging kids to locate verses in the Bible seem to “old fashioned” for you? Do you think your kids would find it the least bit interesting? I sit here today as a reformed anti-Bible-drill devotee. YES, our kids are doing Bible Drills every Sunday and they love it!

Now, we have never used the words “Bible Drill” with our kids. Thanks to Karl Bastian we call it “Bible Dash.” Again, I have to admit I was skeptical about using something that’s been around since I was a kid (a hundred years ago!). However, every Sunday morning one of our kids favorite events is Bible Dash. It’s simple, exciting and an incredible way to help our kids learn to navigate the Bible.

We have boys complete against the girls and the competition is fierce. These are the steps we follow each week:

1. Make sure every child has a Bible. We encourage our kids to bring their own but if someone shows up without a Bible we provide one.

2. Explain the rules of the “game.” Bibles Closed – Hands on the Bible – Don’t start until we say “Go.” Shout “I’ve got it” when you find the verse.

3. Share the Scripture reference twice before shouting “Go.”

4. Identify the first child to find the verse.

5. Reward points to the winning team.

Our kids love it and look forward to it every week.


1. What about guests? Bibles are provided and our kids our encouraged to partner up with a guest and help them find the verse.

2. Is competition at church OK? We find that competition is a great motivator and it’s FUN! (I love that word)

3. Isn’t it too “old school”? Well, the scriptures are a lot older than Bible Drills and we still use those.

4. What’s the purpose? My goal is for our kids to know how to navigate the Bible and be comfortable using their Bible.

Thanks to Karl for helping me see the relevance, value and FUN in reintroducing Bible Drills to a new generation of kids. What about you? Do you use Bible Drills? Why or Why not?