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Bible Trivia for Kids: Boost Scripture Learning With These Questions

Bible trivia for kids

Bible trivia for kids and Bible games are ideal for engaging young learners. Although God’s Word isn’t “trivial,” quiz-bowl-type questions add excitement to Sunday school classes.

You can tailor Bible trivia for kids to specific ages and content areas. For example, after completing a series about a Bible character or book, quiz children about it. Bible Bowls also work well when you’re learning the books of the Bible or any answers involving lists. Repetition helps students recall material, including Bible verses.

For extra excitement, hold a special children’s ministry event featuring Bible trivia for kids. Families can form teams, or kids can partner up with friends. Remember to emphasize faith growth and fun rather than competition. Remind children they’re all on the same team—God’s team. And he wants us all to read his Word and grow closer to him.

Learning is a lifelong process. And Bible trivia for kids is a fantastic, four-star way to make learning enjoyable. Plus, other people have already done the hard work for you. A quick online search yields hundreds of possible Bible quiz questions. To help you sort through them, we’ve collected a variety of options. Enjoy using Bible trivia questions and answers in your children’s program!

Bible Trivia for Kids: 11 Sources of Quiz Material

Boost children’s Scripture knowledge with these resources:

1. Oodles o’ Trivia Questions

These free printables feature 301 Bible trivia questions. So you won’t run out of material for a long time!

2. Quiz Material Galore

From Bible anagrams to material on specific Bible books, this site offers a treasure trove of trivia.

3. Easter Quiz

Bible trivia for kids is a fun way to celebrate church holidays, including Jesus’ resurrection on Easter.

4. Bible Q&A

Kids and grownups will enjoy this Bible trivia. Encourage children to try to stump their family members!

5. Scripture Stumpers

Quiz categories at this site include the 12 disciples, numbers in the Bible, and more.