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3 Ways To Prevent Your Kids’ Sense of Entitlement

Proverbs 13:11   “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.”

Ecclesiastes 4:13   “Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king.”

Also, encourage your kids to earn money to pay for gifts they will give to others.  This allows them to be the ones to actually give, instead of just mom and dad giving for them.

Secondly, give them opportunities to:

2.  GIVE BACK for what they’ve been given

Every child ought not to just expect that being a part of a family means an automatic right to all the benefits of a family without any contribution of their own.

If everyone in the family benefits from food on the table, clean dishes, clean clothes, and many other things, then it’s not too much to expect that everyone can contribute to cleaning off the table, washing the dishes, and folding the clothes, etc.

As much as we love our kids, sometimes we’re guilty to only give, give, give, and rarely expect much contribution in return for the overall good and success of the family. Helping our kids understand their responsibility to give back will be a preventative to an entitlement attitude.

Thirdly, give them opportunities to:

3.  EXPRESS THANKS for what they have

In addition to normal times like birthdays and Christmas, there are always going to be people who choose to be generous to your family and your kids. It may be grandparents, friends, or just acquaintances who desire to be a blessing.

In any case, it’s very important to use those opportunities to teach our kids to be intentionally grateful by giving verbal and written expressions of thanks.