Free Pumpkin Prayer Download

Here is a cute Pumpkin Prayer to use over the Halloween season in your church or at home. These Pumpkin prayers are too cute!

Free Pumpkin Prayer

From Christian Preschool Printables, “This is an adorable Pumpkin Prayer PDF that takes children through the carving of a pumpkin with special qualities to remember and thank God for.”

Examples of the pumpkin prayer:

[Cut off the top]
Lord, open my mind and fill me with your wisdom and guidance.

[Scoop out the yuckies]
Lord, take out all my fussies and frownies and fill me with your love.

[Carve Out the Nose]
Lord, help me to be a sweet, sweet fragrance for you.

[Carve Out the Eyes]
Lord, open my eyes to see all of the beautiful things you have made.

[Carve out the mouth]
Lord, help me always speak Your words of love and kindness.

[Place a candle]
Lord, let me be a light to others for you have filled me with your light.

You can use this on the Sunday before Halloween, or as a special craft during your church’s Halloween-alternative outreach event.

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Resource provided by Christian Preschool Printables 

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