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15 Awkward Church Moments Everyone Tries to Avoid

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Have you ever experienced any of these awkward moments in church?

15. Can You Help in the Nursery?

Usually followed by, “Just for this week.”

14. Stomach Growls

Perhaps the most relatable of our awkward moments…You know, that loud lion growl you get when everything’s quiet. That one.


13. Sex in the Sermon… with Your Kids

OK, that was awkward.


12. Mic Squeals

What’s that noise!!?!


11. Forgetting Someone’s Name

Here they come, here they come… Hey, guy.


10. When Your Kid Cusses in Class

My baby did what? She must’ve learned that from her father, excuse me.


9. The Rambling Testimony

The one that goes on for ten minutes but never makes a point…


8. Sitting in a Saved Pew

C’mon. This is church people—no seat saving.


7. Awkward Clapping

So, are we clapping for Jesus or the song or the… (This one of our awkward moments might apply more to our Baptist friends.)


6. Provocative Dancing on Stage

Nuff said.


5. The Too Long and Repetitive Worship Song

We all love to worship, but sometimes, you know, you have to stop singing and worship in other ways.


4. Illustrations Gone Wrong

You know, stuff like this…

3. Rogue Worshipper

Often seen with tambourine. Always up in your space.


2. Getting Judged by Others

This can be awkward—if there’s no mercy or grace involved.


1. Conversations on Politics

Um, excuse me, your liberal views are showing…

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