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Chris Pratt Won’t do Sex Scenes—Wait till You Find Out Why!

He’s funny, talented, good-looking and successful. Chris Pratt is crushing the box office and has stolen the hearts of fans, but Hollywood’s hot commodity hasn’t let the attention go to his head.

He could probably get any movie deal he wants, but he’s got one rule he goes by. An article states, “Everyone wants a piece of him, but Chris refuses to even consider anything that involves a sex scene!” He doesn’t want to do something he sees as incompatible with his faith.

He is open about some rough points in his past. “At one point, he was homeless, smoking weed on a beach and living out of a van. He admits to doing a few jobs as a stripper when he was low on cash. But Pratt is a different person today in more ways than one,” writes Patheos.

He and actress, Anna Faris married in 2009 and three years later their son, Jack was born 9 weeks premature and was in intensive care for a month. During this time Pratt turned to his faith and prayed a lot for their baby. He shares, “We prayed a lot. It restored my faith in God – not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it.”

We respect Pratt for guarding his faith, his family and his public image. Fans seem to appreciate this too. Can we respond to culture’s pressure in a classy and firm way like Pratt?  Can we say no to what harms our faith while being kind and respectful?


Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever community, vocation, or field, however big or small, you can make an impact right where you’re at.

So, thank you Chris Pratt for guarding the galaxy, fighting off dinosaurs, showing us how ‘everything is awesome when you’re part of a team’ and for staying true to your faith in a genuine and tasteful way.



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