Francis Chan: Stop Treating Homosexuality Like the Worst Sin

Francis Chan is the well-known author of the best-seller, Crazy Love. A few years ago, me moved his family to San Francisco, California to start a new ministry.

He was recently asked how he minsters to people living in the homosexual lifestyle.

In his response, he admitted his perspective has been growing, “My compassion, my life, my thought-pattern, my love has changed and grown since I’ve moved to San Francisco.”

Chan expressed concern that we often treat homosexuality as worse than every other sin.

How does Francis Chan minister to those struggling with homosexuality?

He pointed to this driving question:

“Are you willing to surrender to God no matter what he says?”

Watch Francis Chan’s entire response here:

For more from Francis Chan, don’t miss this episode of the ChurchLeaders Podcast featuring Francis Chan and Chip Ingram.

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Andrew Hess
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