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10 Ways Parents Can Help Children Succeed Spiritually

help children succeed spiritually

Parents invest heavily in their children, hoping that they can help them succeed in life. Are they sure how to help children succeed spiritually?

They want to see their children succeed academically.  Socially.  Financially.  Athletically.  These are all well and good, but the most important area a parent can help their child succeed is to help children succeed spiritually.

Parents are the biggest influence in their child’s spiritual life.

That being said, let’s look at 10 ways parents can help their children succeed spiritually.

1. Parents can lead their children to Jesus.  This is where it all begins.  Helping children understand what it means to follow Jesus.  The most important thing a parent will ever do for their child is to share the Gospel with them.  When at all possible, I believe parents should the one to lead their child to Jesus.

The parent’s role is not to push their child to a decision.  Nor is it to hold them back.  The parent’s role is to walk alongside their child and have spiritual conversations about what it means to follow Jesus.  As they do this, the Spirit of God will draw the child to salvation at the right time.

If you are looking for a tool to help parents lead their children to Jesus, then check out Starting Point.  It has been used by hundreds of parents to lead their children to Jesus.  It includes a class that parents attend with their child to clearly share the Gospel with them.

2. Make church a priority.  We live in a day when being a part of a local body of believers is not a priority for many families.  They attend church when it is convenient, but it is not at the top of their priority list.

It is vital that parents bring their children to church faithfully.  And by faithfully, I don’t mean once a month.  If parents really want to make a big impact spiritually,  then church must be a weekly priority. At the top of the list.  Above sports.  Above trips to the lake.  Above sleeping in.

3. Walk the talk.  Children know when parents are not living out what they heard on Sunday.  Kids can argue with what you tell them, but they can’t argue with what you are living out.  Be the real deal.  Children don’t always do what we tell them, but they never fail to imitate who we are.

This doesn’t mean a parent has to be perfect.  None are.  But it does mean the parent is passionately following Jesus and when they make a mistake, they humbly ask for forgiveness.

4. Read God’s Word.  Have family devotions.  Parents should share with their children what God is teaching them through His Word.  This is so important.  A dusty Bible will not help children succeed spiritually.  The Word of God has the power to help children succeed spiritually.  But it must be released into their life.

5. Pray.  Parents should pray for their children.  Parents should pray with their children.  Parents should teach their children how to pray.

Children must have prayer to succeed spiritually.  Prayer will deepen their relationship with God and help sustain their spiritual walk.