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How to Use Your Phone for Good, Not Evil

Their mission is to get Christians everywhere to meditate according to scripture for a few minutes a day. When this simple activity is as common and familiar as having breakfast, they’ll have achieved our goal. Check out their free offering here.

Centering Prayer:

The Centering Prayer mobile app supports one’s daily prayer practice. Beautiful, elegant and peaceful, the app includes an adjustable timer, as well as opening and closing prayer options that may be read before and after Centering Prayer. An assortment of sounds and backgrounds allow one to choose the type of environment for the prayer time. Brief instructions for learning Centering Prayer are also included. The free Contemplative Outreach app for Centering Prayer is available for iPhones and iPads and Android phones. (Spanish-language versions are also available.)

We hope these apps can make a difference, and, once you’ve broken free from your evil phone, you can help others. Tell them, “Here’s how to use your phone for good; not evil!”