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Worship Leaders Can Do More With Smart Studio

Smart Studio

What if—even after Covid—the new church model for praise and worship is distributed worship? Worship ministry continues to change in these ways: 

  1. Livestreaming is here to stay (it was growing before the pandemic). 
  2. Churches with large campuses are already beginning to meet in a variety of venues spread across the same location; 
  3. The trend toward multisite churches continues to grow. 

All these trends put pressure not only on staffing your worship team with excellent musicians, but also on recruiting people with the technical skills to support the effort. And the need continues for software and gear flexible enough to respond to rapidly-shifting church environments, but budgets and volunteer staff have not kept pace, which puts pressure on the ministry of worship. 

That’s why Panasonic’s KAIROS live video production platform is the most exciting addition to the tech tool-kit required by contemporary churches. The Smart Studio powered by Panasonic’s KAIROS system equips your tech team to adapt to changing environments and requirements without the constant need to set up or tear down existing gear. The Smart Studio provides central control interface for all systems—even systems that may have been previously incompatible. It means flexibility and cooperation with the ever-changing needs of church presentations. 

The KAIROS solution from Panasonic will assure that your worship ministry stays up to date with growing virtualization by providing a scalable, virtually future-proof tech solution. Most important, the Panasonic KAIROS live video production platform provides your technical support team with the tools they need to seamlessly support praise, worship, and video productions.The Panasonic KAIROS live video production platform ensures a rapid learning-curve, maximum functionality, and the flexibility to meet the pressures of worship ministry.

Worship Leaders Need Higher Performance Technology. Open architecture is the key: There’s no single-source hardware compatibility required. Panasonic’s KAIROS platform achieves higher performance by fully utilizing the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, balancing total processing load without the configuration constraints of traditional hardware-based systems. This open architecture platform facilitates the linkage of diverse external sources and destinations as well as the integration of hardware and software systems. This new, evolved system ensures complete operational freedom at all levels. As a native IP system, the KAIROS is well suited to be used for remote video production as part of a completely IP-based environment.

Worship Leaders Need Sophisticated Presentations. Contemporary congregations have become media-savvy, which means they now have come to expect the church to present the same level of sophistication they see from for-profit streaming platforms and business settings. The KAIROS Smart Studio has high flexibility and scalability. Since KAIROS is an IT-based open architecture platform, functional enhancements and control linkage with external devices are possible with the addition of application software. Therefore, it can easily expand and integrate the system without additional investments in hardware. 

Worship Leaders Need High-Performing Tech Teams. Finally, the user-friendly (GUI) interface is easy to use and enables intuitive operation, which means volunteer worship and tech staff can be trained quickly—and be able to utilize the full functionality of the software and controller. The layout of the customizable control panel provides excellent operability in the smallest space and unleashes the operator’s creativity, which will set a new standard of operation. This means that the tech side of your worship team can add their inspiration and creativity to the Sunday morning worship experience.

Worship leaders are charged with providing compelling worship experiences. This responsibility originally meant contemporary music and arrangements; then it meant quality sound systems, and now it means the integration of audio, visual, and live video distribution across multiple platforms using an ever-growing array of gear. Worship leaders have come a long way from an acoustic guitar and a mic stand.