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Where to Find a Great Videography Blog

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There are blogs about everything online, making it possible for you to learn more about your passion with just a few clicks. If you are interested in video production and want to make stellar videos for your church, then you will want to bookmark a great videography blog.

Knowing a top-five videography blog online and how it can help you, will ensure that you know exactly where to go when you have questions about how to create and edit your video production.

5 Great Videography Blogs

1. No Film School

This blog is actually formed by a friendly and responsive community of creatives and filmmakers who want to work together to help their peers improve their abilities and gain confidence during filming and post-production. It’s designed to be easy to navigate so that you can easily find any information that you need regarding issues that you have.

With information about editing techniques, using lighting to improve the appearance of actors, and even what equipment is the best bang for your buck, this is a valuable website to visit. It features podcasts, video essays, gear articles, and more, all geared to help you become better behind the camera, as well as in front of the computer when editing.

With tips, hacks, and interviews, there are articles on this site that will appeal to all types of people, making it one of the most inclusive video production blogs on the internet. Because the users on this website are all so active and accommodating, it’s a great place to have your questions answered when you run into problems.

2. Philip Bloom’s Blog

If you have ever studied filmmaking, then you will likely have heard of Philip Bloom, as he is considered one of the best filmmakers to excel in creating a low-budget video. He creates incredible work using only DSLR cameras, which is very inspiring for anyone looking to shoot video without overspending on equipment.

Not only will you feel great about your choice of gear when you check out this website, but it’s an absolute treasure trove of information when you are looking to make an investment in new equipment or gear. It can be very exciting to consider buying new equipment, but everyone knows how expensive this can be.