These Days, Clean Tech Is High Tech

clean tech

Who would’ve thought that cleaning supplies would be considered part of church tech? But 2020 is a strange year, and here we are, re-opening buildings and rethinking how to protect the people in them. These days, clean tech is high tech. Take time to read the latest on what to do, and the bookmark the websites that will help you with specific, church-related supplies.

There was once a time when no one used computers, projectors or even fog machines, but hey—requirements for “doing church” are always subject to change. Here are a few must-have cleaning tech supplies:

PPE for Everyone: Right, we get it: masks are ugly, uncomfortable, and downright controversial. But Personal Protective Equipment is a huge way to show God’s love in practical terms.

Hand Sanitizing Stations—AND Signs! Don’t make it hard for people to clean their hands: every church should have plenty of touchless hand sanitizing stations.

Disinfecting Cabinets: Don’t have time to wipe down every single plaything in the nursery? Consider something like this Zono disinfecting cabinet. Place the toys into the cabinet, set the timer, and in 30 minutes you’re ready for the next shift of little darlings!

Don’t Cross That Line! In a Covid world “signage” now includes marking the floor with tape, and you guessed it: you’ll need the right tape for the job. And since people are looking down, how about floor decals?

Microfiber Cloth: What we used to call “rags” have gone high tech, and in a virus-sized world you’ll need the right kind of cleaning cloths.

Wash Your Hands, but What About Your Shoes? Floor mats are always a good idea, but re-opening your building may call for upping your game. The folks at Sanistride have been doing this for years.