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KAIROS Live Video Platform Will Save Your Church Time and Money


What happens when social conditions change faster than our ability to buy, build, and use livestream gear? Pastors and churches are facing this problem over and over again in 2020. Panasonic’s new KAIROS live video production platform has developed an answer that will save the day—again and again—as many times as necessary. With the unexpected twists and turns of the pandemic, churches everywhere are discovering the need to reinvent themselves every few months.

Today’s Churches Need Livestreaming Flexibility

Here’s what many pastors have experienced:

  • First, the pandemic response meant retooling your church’s tech gear for virtual church, livestreamed. Your tech team bought new gear, tore up the stage and auditorium, and you were good to go.
  • Then your municipality allowed you to reopen your doors and welcome real people—at 25% capacity. This meant doing in-person church and continuing to livestream. And your tech team said you needed more gear and they needed to “rebuild” the system for these new requirements. Then 25% became 50%, but now the requirements are changing again. How many times will you need to reinvent the wheel?

For most churches, connectivity between livestream components means configuring the hardware for a single purpose; you have to “build” the system each time your needs change. That means more time and more money. Pastors and church leaders face difficult tech challenges: Audiovisual streaming is changing at a whirlwind pace–and people expect church to keep up with the production standards of the marketplace.

KAIROS Addresses Rapidly Changing Tech Environments

The KAIROS live video production platform is a revolutionary new approach to flexibility and freedom in rapidly changing tech environments. It’s like Photoshop for live video. KAIROS frees church tech teams from the constraints (and costs) of a traditional hardware-based system. With KAIROS, the power and flexibility of change does not reside in more hardware, but in better, more versatile connectivity. That means the church’s tech team has almost no need for a learning curve after each change.

KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient production of live video that captivates audiences. KAIROS means your church’s tech team has a smart studio empowering them to be effective even when needs change from week to week. It means the current staff can do more—and do it more effectively.

The KAIROS platform has three main pieces:

(1) the KAIROS switcher/router that solves connectivity issues now—and in the future,

(2) the KAIROS creator display on the control booth’s screen, and

(3) the KAIROS control board that empowers reliable control of equipment in use.

This is incredible productivity matched by continuing flexibility. Churches face the challenge of keeping up to date in a very dynamic tech environment. The KAIROS platform meets these challenges.

Pastors need to have confidence in the tools they need to present powerful, effective messages and worship experiences. Tech teams need to manage budgets for both equipment and staffing. Church campuses need to be able use every inch of space effectively, which may mean changes from week to week. KAIROS brings peace of mind to pastors, high performance to technical teams, and the ability to leverage every room in a church campus.

The KAIROS platform empowers each area of church ministry. This open architecture platform facilitates the linkage of diverse external sources and destinations as well as the integration of hardware and software systems. The new, evolved system ensures complete operational freedom at all levels.