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97-Yr-Old Grandpa Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’ to Jesus Just Before Going to Heaven

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The bittersweet moment when a loved one slips from this world into eternity is a poignant reminder of our mortality and the vastness of our God. It’s a moment, if only fleeting, that assures us our lives are but a vapor and heaven is home. If you knew it was your last day on earth, would you spend it singing praises to the King? That’s exactly what this sweet 97-year-old grandpa sings in a video that is tugging on heartstrings across the Internet.

“I was blessed to capture a video of my 97-year-old grandpa, as he sang: ‘How Great Thou Art’ from his hospital bed, with dear friends and family,” one of his grandchildren wrote on Facebook: “The next morning, he went to be with Jesus.”

Watch this beautiful bedside worship service unfold in the video below:

97-Yr-Old Grandpa Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’

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