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Unleash Your Church’s Creative Vision With the KAIROS Live Video Platform

Panasonic's Kairos

Ever had a great but complex video sermon idea with only three days to go before a Sunday service? Once an inspired email is dashed off by the Pastor to the production and creative teams, can it be done under this tight timeframe?

With Panasonic’s KAIROS live video production platform in your arsenal, your production and technical teams are ready to get to work

Creative Worship Experiences Require the Right Equipment

Creating compelling worship experiences requires a combination of inspiration, creativity, flexibility, ingenuity, and the right equipment. The unlimited connections of KAIROS network connectivity, and creative flexibility of Kairos Creator (GUI software) equip your tech team to quickly adapt to changing environments and requirements without the constant need to set up or tear down existing gear. This software-based platform provides a central control and processor that multiple GUI control instances can connect to, virtually interface with any source’s native format. With KAIROS, you can manage a changing array of unique screens with as low as a single- frame latency, helping you create a meaningful worship experience just as it was imagined. With its resolution and format independence for both input and output, you can create and deliver content for any screen or device, so you can continue to share your visual message even as new formats or screen configurations become available.

The KAIROS Core (main frame) solves the problem of hardware obsolescence the minute you plug it in, easily flexing its CPU/GPU muscle in the ever-changing environment of live, multi-location, and pre-recorded productions. The takeaway:  This means creativity can be unleashed with the flexibility of sources going into and out of the KAIROS system, and complete customization of the KAIROS Creator GUI interface.

KAIROS Is Perfect for Multiple Campuses

If your church is spread across multiple sites (or has multiple rooms supporting Sunday worship), Panasonic’s KAROS live video production platform is easily accessed across one or multiple campuses. KAIROS can act as the master control for innumerable computers, control panels, robotic cameras, projectors, and lighting boards to work together seamlessly, all accessible from the KAIROS interface

KAIROS Is Perfect for Limited Budgets

Like many organizations, some churches may have limited budgets.  KAIROS easily integrates and maximizes current legacy equipment, providing a customized upgrade path.  This saves time, money, and valuable human and technical resources throughout the year.

KAIROS Is Perfect for Your Team

Many churches rely on a mix of full-time tech staff and tech volunteers.  Panasonic’s KAIROS Creator is a layer-based desktop GUI that brings a familiar interface to anyone used to desktop publishing and editing. This easy Mac or PC control of the powerful Linux processing engine helps utilize valuable human resources with its intuitive functional layout, and its ability to support growing deployments in every aspect of production.

KAIROS Is Perfect for Your Presentations

KAIROS offers the flexibility and scalability of a software-based platform combined with Panasonic’s industry-renowned stringent quality controls.  It is the solution for any current mixed-format issue, even if needed in the same production, and assures that your church stays ahead of the curve.  With technical demands assured to grow in the future, providing a scalable, virtual system like Kairos will future-proof your investment, because it will accept any format delivered to it in its native raster thanks to ST 2110 and other inputs. Video formats on ST 2110 are not constrained to any specific resolutions, and neither is KAIROS so it can deliver any screen’s native resolution as well.

Panasonic KAIROS’ live video production platform will provide your staff with the tools they need to support your production aspirations in a powerful, vivid, dependable way. Bringing your tech team solidly and confidently into the future.

Technical teams need to have confidence in the tools they use to present powerful, effective messages and worship experiences. These teams need to make sure the gear works reliably every time, as well as managing budgets for both equipment and staffing. Church campus facilities need to be able to use all spaces effectively, even when those spaces are frequently re-purposed. KAIROS delivers for these challenges, bringing peace of mind to pastors, high performance to technical teams, and the ability to leverage every room in a church’s campus.

The KAIROS platform empowers every area of church ministry because its open architecture platform facilitates the linkage of diverse external sources and destinations as well as the integration of hardware and software-based systems. The new KAIROS system ensures complete operational freedom at all levels.