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Front of House Mixing Tutorial With James Attaway

front of house mixing

Mixing is mixing, right? Well, no. For anyone who runs sound on Sunday mornings, front of house mixing of live sound presents special challenges.

Front of house mixing (FOH) is hard to learn, because there’s no one technique that can take you to the next level. When you learn how to do a sound check, you have to learn to listen and respond. When you watch someone else, you get some more front of house mixing techniques up your sleeve, you have another thing to try when you’re running sound.

In this ten-minute sound check tutorial video on worship band mixing, you can look over James Attaway’s shoulder, hear what he hears, and see how he reacts to it. His company, Attaway Audio, provides proven sound training for church sound volunteers, so they can serve with excellence, eliminate distractions, and play their part in leading worship.

James Attaway says on his website, ”

I’ve been on stage, playing or leading in some capacity, and I just know by the looks on people’s faces that it sounds weird. The bridge between the band and the congregation is broken, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’ve been on the other side, too. Knowing just enough to be dangerous behind the console, making changes that put me on the verge of feedback, but barely squeaking by.

And then I learned enough to make congregations and worship teams really happy. And I taught a bunch of others how to do the same. The more I taught, the more I learned, and I saw my students take the leap from “helpful and willing” to “skilled with excellence.”

That’s what I’m here to do: help your sound team make the jump and create enjoyable mixes for your congregation.”

Check out his free customized guide: How to Lead  Your Church Sound Team

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