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Candace Cameron Bure Tries to Encourage Disappointed Co-Hosts on ‘The View’ After the Election

candace cameron bure
Toglenn, CC by 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The popular television show The View discussed the ramifications of Donald Trump winning the presidential election. While the conversation started out with predominately negative comments about the surprising outcome, Candace Cameron Bure plucked up the courage to speak a message a lot of Christians have been posting to their Facebook pages.

Bure admitted her heart was racing and she was not prepared to speak from a position of victory, but she looked her co-hosts in the eyes and tried to encourage them.

Bure said, with a slight tremble in her voice, “I hope, no matter which side you are on, it brings all of us as a people to a horizontal posture. That it brings us to our knees—our face to the floor—that we pray for our country.” She admonished everyone to adopt a posture of humility, because God says “when we humble ourselves” he’ll work on our behalf.

However well-intended Bure’s comments were, Whoopi Goldberg found them to be little more than lip service. “God says a lot of wonderful stuff, he really does. And I like God a lot. But I have to say that given the bigger picture of what Donald Trump represents, it is not so comfortable for me.”

Starting the clip at 2:40, you can hear the rest of Bure’s comments.