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Millennials at Passion 2017 Snatch Up Remaining Compassion Sponsorships in Four Countries

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The Passion 2017 conference has come and gone. January 2-4, 2017, saw the coming together of over 50,000 young people ages 18-25. And while conferences like this are just a blip in the broader story of the church, this group has a noteworthy contribution to boast: They snatched up all of Compassion International’s outstanding sponsorships for children in El Salvador, Rwanda, Tanzania and Indonesia.

As Christianity Today reports, 14 percent of the attendees pledged to sponsor a child at $38 a month. The sponsorship provides children in under-developed nations with education, healthy care, food and access to the gospel.

In a Facebook post, Passion Conferences states, “We believe worship and justice are two sides of the same coin and always want to be part of impacting the globe with justice, compassion and the saving name of Jesus.” A major motivation behind the Passion conferences is to “see a generation leverage their lives for what matters most.”

The generation the Passion Conferences targets, Millennials, is oftentimes labeled as self-serving and lazy. Despite their many critics, though, they are highly cause-driven. This generation has arguably been the driving force behind the movements seeking to end social diseases such as human trafficking, environmental abuse, racism and sexism. It seems once they identify a social ill, they can snap right into problem-solving mode to try to help.

The Passion Conferences say they had a goal of making history, and as far as Compassion is concerned, they did. This is the most sponsorships that have been pledged at a single event so far in the nonprofit’s history. For a generation eager to prove themselves and change the world, impacting the lives of thousands of children for the better is right up their alley.