These Church Signs Will Slay You (in the Spirit)

Church Signs

Church signs can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. In addition to informing you of service times and message themes, they can also help you laugh out loud. We hope these 10 church signs will bring a smile to your face today. Feel free to share so others might get a good laugh as well.

And before you come up with the next phrase on your church sign, take note of these below, unless you want to end up on someone’s social media feed. Enjoy!

#1 – OK, this one is pretty good.


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#2 – Twitter? or Tweety Bird?

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#3 – This sign reeks.

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#4 – Truth.

#5 – Probably best.

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#6 – That will make you look twice?

#7 – Honesty is always best.

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#8 – Huh?

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#9 – Truth hurts sometimes.

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#10 – That is one way to interpret the flood.

Bonus – Too soon Atlanta fans?

TAG a friend who would like this #churchsign 😂😂😂

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Double Bonus – An attempt at being hipster.

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