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Anne Graham Lotz Reveals She Will Have to Undergo Chemotherapy

Anne Graham Lotz Cancer

A week after undergoing surgery to treat breast cancer, Anne Graham Lotz learned her battle with the disease is not over yet. Doctors informed Lotz cancer has also been found in her lymph nodes, which will alter her follow up treatment “significantly.”

Anne Graham Lotz’s Cancer Treatment Will Last Longer Than Originally Expected

“The results were not what I had prayed they would be,” Lotz writes in an update on her blog. Lotz shared she will begin chemotherapy on October 18. This phase of treatment will last 18 weeks, “with additional treatments stretching out over the next 12 months.”

Lotz shares the journey toward health will be longer than she anticipated. Ever positive, though, Lotz can see the silver lining to her struggle. “I am still confident the Shepherd will walk with me each step of the way until He sees me safely through!” she writes.

She writes about needing to clear her schedule as she can no longer make engagements to which she had previously committed. She sees this as God “pruning” her ministry work, and is hopeful that the pruning will cause her to bear more fruit in the future. As someone who is confronted with their own mortality, Lotz is reflecting on the good things in her life and ministry. She includes a long list of positive things that have come out of her cancer diagnosis. Things such as a strengthened faith, deepened prayer life, realigning of priorities and open doors.

That’s not to say that Lotz feels her assignment on earth is through. Far from it, she seems more determined than ever to continue the work she believes God has assigned her. On October 3, Lotz wrote another personal update, in which she shared a prayer that she has been praying as she has come to terms with her diagnosis. Lotz believes the Lord has already been answering this prayer in his unique way. She writes:

One of my prayers is that the ministry to which God has called me would continue uninterrupted through every means possible except my travel and personal appearances. Almost before I had finished praying, God sent me evidence of one answer through the picture sent to me by my beloved friends, Carey and Melanie Casey. They were visiting Mid America Seminary in Memphis, TN, and saw this poster! Wow! Thank you, dear Jesus, for answered prayer! Thank you, Rich Bott and the Bott Radio Network, for your commitment to our two radio programs: the daily broadcast Daily Light for Daily Living, and our weekly broadcast Living in the Light. And thank you, dear Melanie and Carey, for your thoughtfulness to share the picture.

While the topic of suffering has been on her mind a lot lately, Lotz has been encouraging her followers to embrace the lessons and the comfort God sends in times of suffering. In a recent Facebook post, she shares some thoughts on suffering:

If you’re a child of God, your suffering isn’t wasted. Suffering is not an end in itself. 2nd Corinthians 4:17 reminds us: “For our light momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”
The spiritual principle is that in some way God uses suffering to transform ordinary, dust-clay people into vessels that are strong in faith, vessels that are fit for His use, vessels that display His glory to a watching world. Suffering is like the fire that strengthens the clay once the Potter has molded it.
Is the Potter molding, or remolding, you, using pressure or problems? Stress or suffering? Hurt or heartache? Illness or injustice? Are circumstances heating up with intensity in your life?
Listen to me! Trust the Potter to know exactly what He’s doing. He won’t waste your sorrow. There is glory to come that will outweigh it all!

Lotz is continuing to ask for prayer as she embarks on a new treatment plan. She asks for those so inclined to pray for her healing and that she will not miss “what cancer can do for me.”

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