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John Crist Is Back and Feeling Ready to Take on the New Year

Christian comedian John Crist announced a few days ago on Instagram that he had just spent a couple weeks at a retreat center called Onsite. Attendees are restricted from using their cell phones, so he was off social media during that time. He also couldn’t tell people there what he did for a living.

“I was petting some horses, doing some yoga, doing some meditation, talking to a therapist, had a few good conversations with the Good Lord, and I’m back!” said Crist in one of his Instagram stories.

Crist noted that a lot had happened since he’d been away, and—lest you think he lost his humor while he was gone—he took a moment of silence for all the single Christian women who were heartbroken that Tim Tebow had gotten engaged.

In his Insta story, Crist explained that Onsite helps people navigate a variety of issues, such as finances, marriage, trauma and substance abuse.

While he joked that his specific problem was dealing with people on Instagram who don’t get his sense of humor, Crist did say he couldn’t imagine entering the new year without “taking some time to take care of myself, so that’s what I did.” Referring to not being able to talk about his job, Crist observed, “Everybody just knows me as a comedian. I don’t know who this John is…I got in touch with him again.”

While Crist has been doing stand-up comedy for years, it’s only recently that he’s become famous, mainly due to his popular YouTube videos.

His fans noticed his recent absence from social media. One follower commented on an Instagram post, “We want John! We want John! #whereisjohn.” Another said, “Where’s @johnbcrist ? Been missing from Social Media since 12/30/2018 – Please check your local Chic Fil A ! #WhereIsJohn.”

Apparently, the break was worth it. “I feel better,” said Crist, emphasizing that Onsite was not sponsoring him. “Go check these people out. They changed my entire life.”