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Bodie Cruz to Be Ordained As Pastor, Family Is ‘Excited’

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Bodie Cruz, a former actor and son of actor and singer Tirso Cruz III, is becoming an ordained pastor of Victory Church in the Philippines. Tirso posted about the good news on Instagram, saying,

“As we Christians would say, ‘This is the day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it!’ Today Bodie will be ordained and officially become a full fledged Pastor of Victory church.”

Bodie Cruz Meets Jesus

Tirso is a veteran of Filipino show business, beginning his entertainment career as a teenager. Both of his sons, Bodie and TJ, followed in his footsteps, at least for a time. TJ had roles in film and television, and Bodie has appeared on Pinoy Big Brother, which is the version of Big Brother set in the Philippines. A few years ago, Tirso and Bodie starred together in a stage musical based on the life of Joseph.

The story of Joseph has apparently been significant in Bodie’s life. Even though he grew up attending church and reading the Bible, he did not follow God during his childhood. But God used the musical, “Joseph the Dreamer” to bring him to salvation. Despite just now officially taking on the role of a pastor, based on his Instagram account, it looks like Bodie has been involved with Victory Church for some time.

Family Grief

The Cruz family has been through heartbreak recently as TJ battled cancer for six months before passing away last November at age 37.

Tirso routinely addresses his oldest son in his Instagram posts, beginning them by saying, “GODly heavenly afternoon” or “GODly heavenly morning TJ.” In a recent post, Tirso wrote, “It was announced at church yesterday that @bodiecruz will be ordained as a Pastor of Victory. Am sure you would have been so proud and happy for your brother.”

In his latest post, Tirso wrote, “We are all very excited for this event as I know you would have been too if you were here. I know how much you love and how proud you are of your brother. I hope and pray the Lord allows you to look down from heaven and watch the commencement exercise. Missing you a whole lot. We love you TEEJ!”


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GODly heavenly morning TJ. We had dinner at a Japanese Resto last night. And as we were eating, I could not stop thinking how you would have enjoyed the food We had. Knowing how you love to eat Japanese food. There was even news that we got which brightened the dinner all the more. It was announced at church yesterday that @bodiecruz will be ordained as a Pastor of Victory. Am sure you would have been so proud and happy for your brother. On the lighter side, surprisingly, your mama enjoyed the dinner we had last night. To top it all, she finished three portions of desserts which is a rarity knowing how little your mama usually eats. When I told her jokingly that I noticed that she had more than her share of the dessert this morning, teary eyed and with a smile, she said “I was having the dessert for TJ.” Missing you a whole lot my son. We love you TEEJ! #nevertobeforgotten❤️ 6/17/19 P.S. Thank you Vice Mayor Gel Alonte & @alynalonte for the Father’s day treat. God bless both of you.

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