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‘Loud Krazy Love’ Reminds Us Following God Is Hard…But Still Good

Those closest to Welch agree that rejoining the band was the right decision for him. The band members say that with him gone, it was like something was off for eight years, and with him back, the band seems right again. Jennea and Welch’s parents were also glad he decided to return. Jennea’s youth camp mentor was concerned at first, but Welch told her that if his decision ended up having a negative impact on his daughter again, he had no problem quitting the band a second time. 

Welch says he understands why some people are concerned that he rejoined Korn, but believes that God was the one who led him back. He says, “there’s a time you have to walk away and you have to go and let God cleanse your soul.” Now he’s back with his people, and is able to encourage and pray with concert-goers after the shows.

Jennea has since graduated from the youth program, where she experienced significant growth and healing, and is now attending college in Florida. “It all seems to make sense in my mind,” she says. “God puts us through things so we can be prepared for the next thing. God has completely shown Himself to me, and it’s been amazing.”

Honest About the Mess

Loud Krazy Love does contain some mature content, but only to depict the reality of Welch’s life apart from God. In a blog on the documentary,  I Am Second encourages viewers that it is this very messiness that emphasizes the beauty of what Jesus has saved us from

Many times churches and Christians shy away from examining the messy parts of our culture. But, the truth is, the mess is a part of our reality. I Am Second chooses to run toward pain, toward difficulty and toward brokenness to lift up the hope that can be found in Jesus. This film provides an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to see and connect with that hope.

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