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Korean Cult Attempts to Proselytize in South Dakota

World Mission Society Church of God Being Called a Cult

KeloLand News reports that the group Call to Freedom, which fights human trafficking, says that while they have not identified WMSCG as a trafficking group, recent reports brought the church to their attention. Becky Rasmussen, Call to Freedom’s executive director, says she is concerned about the church’s recruitment tactics. 

When Stanella asked Grima and Foust about the church being called a cult, Grima said “that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard ever.” She continued, saying “we have nothing to hide, as soon as you meet us, we’re very straight-up people. We will tell you the reason of talking to you, which is to show you about God the mother.”

Steve Hassan, cult expert and author of Combating Cult Mind Control, says the way WMSCG controls members’ behavior, information, thoughts and emotions is in line with a “destructive cult.” 

It should be noted that WMSCG is not affiliated with the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, or SCJ, which we reported on in January.

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