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Jamal Bryant Lets Kanye Share About New Faith at New Birth This Weekend

Next, he moved on to something he feels the devil is trying to distract people, including himself, with: Wealth. “The power of God cannot be calculated by a number, by a first-week sale, by a bank account, by how many cars you drive, by how big your house is, and how many acres you got,” he explained. 

Instead, Kanye told the crowd, we need to focus on God inside of us. “It’s God inside of us, it’s God inside a family, it’s God inside a friendship, that we hold each other accountable.” Moving on to his next point, the rapper emphasized the need for accountability. “If you see somebody slippin’, you tell ‘em! They be coming at me like ‘Why you so judgemental?’ It ain’t for me to judge, but I’m gonna say what I see,” he said. 

Along this line, Kanye shared a story about a family member of his who “went through something extremely tragic and God gave him a new chance at life.” The family member has been dating a “beautiful” woman but hasn’t tied the knot yet, Kanye said, implying a wedding was past due. As an example of “saying something” to someone who needs to hear it, Kanye said he’s told this family member he needs to get married and “get right with God.”

Wrapping up his mini-sermon, Kanye encouraged the crowd to not only step up to say something if need be, but to also look out for their communities. “If there’s a household next to yours that’s lacking a father, you that father now. You speak up on that block. You set that example,” he admonished them. 

After Kanye’s remarks, the choir and the musicians on the stage went back to making music, with Kanye sitting down at a keyboard to add some rhythm and the occasional vocal interjection. The music was lively and upbeat, especially toward the end. 

Bryant Emphasized God’s Work and Presence

After about an hour of the Sunday Service group playing, Bryant addressed the crowd again, encouraging the congregation to remember what the service had been about and reminding them to participate in the relief efforts the church is involved in for the Bahamas. 

It is clear Bryant saw the service as any other Sunday and that the church was careful not to make Kanye’s appearance the main attraction. Kanye didn’t even step on the stage of the sanctuary until two hours into the service. By this time, Bryant had already welcomed everyone who had joined them, perhaps for the first time since Easter, for back to church Sunday. The church’s own worship band led the congregation in song for nearly half an hour, and a guest pastor, Bishop I.V. Hilliard, preached the message. The service also included an altar call after Bishop Hilliard’s message, which drew many down before the stage to give their lives to Christ. Bryant also announced the church’s plans to build affordable housing for seniors on its property.

Bryant was appreciative of the musicians—153 in total—who flew out from California to make the Sunday Service happen. He concluded the service by blessing all those present. 

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