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RELEVANT Founder Accused of Fostering Toxic Culture, Steps Down

Strang has since posted his public apology, in addition to stepping away from his role. He says he wants to pursue transparency and heal the relationships he’s broken: “I will be seeking counseling, as well as reaching out to Christian leaders about ways I can grow and better understand important issues, especially about race and equality.” RELEVANT, he said, will be bringing in “outside voices” to provide accountability for the magazine. Strang concludes his post by saying, “I’m deeply sorry to the people I’ve hurt. I’m sorry for my toxicity and insensitivity in leadership. I don’t want to be that person anymore. Thank you for your understanding and prayer.”

The magazine has posted a similar apology, asking for forgiveness from their followers and those who “lend their voices to our brand.” 

The authors of the apology reiterate that Strang is stepping away, as well as the need for honesty and accountability: “We understand that none of the steps outlined here are worthwhile unless they’re met with action. Our pledge to you is to take the necessary steps. We understand we’ll be judged accordingly.” 

One Twitter user expressed skepticism, as did Henry, about the genuineness of Strang’s apology, saying the CEO has been in that position before.

Another argued that Strang has long been aware of the harmfulness of his actions, making his apology hollow.

Henry has written another post here, giving his response to Strang’s and RELEVANT’s statements.

Despite the negativity surrounding Strang’s behavior, RNS reports that many of those speaking out against him maintain a high opinion of RELEVANT’s mission and work. Even Henry, in his first post on the controversy, said he had changed his initial opinion about the magazine’s inability to speak meaningfully about race. He wrote, “RELEVANT actually does publish quality content on a number of justice issues and has for many years, but it’s because the people they interview are brilliant.”

And Hamm told RNS, “Besides Cameron, it would have been the best job I’ve ever had.”