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Judah Smith’s Guided Prayer Takes Aim at Anxiety, Fear

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Last year, Pastor Judah Smith announced the launch of Churchome Globalan app that allows people to “attend” church from virtually anywhere in the world. With over 200,000 downloads, the app has connected a lot of people through things like a virtual prayer wall and lobby featuring topical conversations. Now, pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith are announcing something new: a guided prayer feature led by Judah. 

“Chelsea and I developed this practice together in order to guide our members in prayer, bring them inspiration, and help them better connect with God. It is especially timely for those during this holiday season who may be feeling lonely, pressured, or anxious; we hope these prayers can bring them peace,” Judah wrote in a press release. 

The Smiths refer to the five to six-minute guided prayers as a “daily practice” and say the inspiration came after seeing many prayer requests come through the app having to do with fear and anxiety.  

What Is the Guided Prayer Like?

Guided prayer can take on many forms, but the way the Smiths are using it includes audio recordings of Judah leading listeners through a short time of prayer and reflection. Other Christian traditions have used things like St. Ignatius’ daily examen exercise or meditating on Scripture as forms of guided prayer. One could easily make the case that the Lord’s Prayer is a guided prayer—certainly when Jesus spoke it in the hearing of his followers and also now as we repeat it in our prayer closets or in church services.

While users access Judah’s guided prayers through the Churchome Global app, the church has made one prayer available for preview

This guided prayer starts with Judah reading 1 Chronicles 16:34, which instructs readers to express gratitude for God’s goodness and love.  

Judah moves on from there to some positive affirmations based on the principles we’re taught through Scripture. “Wherever you are, I want to declare this over your life: Absolutely nothing changes God’s love for you. You are of infinite value to God. God’s affection is toward you and for you. His countenance shines and beams with approval and acceptance. His love is like a strong, fierce, flowing river.”

He then instructs listeners to imagine themselves being immersed in a river of acceptance and steadfast love. “Say this after me,” Judah says. “God, thank you for your love.” He has participants repeat this phrase twice more. Then he instructs listeners to repeat these statements:

I am forgiven 

I am accepted

I have God’s presence

I have God’s protection

I have God’s promises

The guided prayer ends with a practical application. Judah tells listeners to express their gratitude for  a loved one, friend, or family member in the next 24 hours. He guides listeners in a prayer asking God to remind them of those people.