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Perry Noble Asks Church to ‘Grab the Miracle’ of $2m Building

But moving forward with the building will take “a miracle” and will require people in the church to step up their giving. Noble emphasized that he has not asked for money during the entire year the church has been in its current building and in fact has not talked about money “much at all.” Now, however, he is asking those who do not give to become regular givers and those who do give to pray about giving more.  

What Happened at NewSpring?

In July 2016, Perry Noble was fired from NewSpring Church for abusing alcohol and making some “unfortunate decisions.” After completing rehab, he returned to the pulpit seven months later, speaking on February 4, 2017, at Steven Furtick’s church in North Carolina. Despite the fact that Noble secured multiple speaking engagements that year, NewSpring did not invite him back to speak there. Teaching pastor Clayton King explained, “We can’t speak for other churches. For us, Perry does not currently meet biblical qualifications.” Not long afterward, Noble announced the launch of Second Chance Church.

As he outlined Second Chance’s need to pursue the new building, Noble encouraged people not to pass up the opportunity God is placing in front of them. “Our church needs a miracle right now,” he said. “The miracle is in front of you. But if you stand there and just admire it, you’re never going to experience it. You’ve got to grab hold of what God put in front of you.”

Yet at the same time, Noble urged church members not to lose sight of what God is doing in each other’s lives. “It’s not about us getting to another building,” he said. “It’s about God doing something significant in every one of our lives as we participate in what he’s doing.”

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