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Korn Guitarist Helps People Heal by Launching Wellness Centers


Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist and one of the founding members of the band Korn, has recently launched Zivel, a series of wellness centers designed to help people pursue healing of mind and body. At the same time, he and his daughter, Jennea, are continuing to help people pursue spiritual healing by sharing their story of redemption. To that end, they will be speaking at the Kingdom Youth Conference (KYC) in Oklahoma City at the end of March.

“Our hearts just go out to this generation with all the things that you guys have to deal with, so we’re really excited to come and share,” said Welch in an Instagram post about the conference. “We’re all going to be lifted up and inspired.”

According to the Kingdom Youth Conference website, KYC is a “fresh new youth event designed to impact students and leaders” with teens in church youth groups being the primary attendees. The goals of the conference include presenting “Christ vividly and unmistakably” and helping teens live out their faith in their daily lives. Welch and Jennea will be speaking at the March 27-28 KYC event at Church on the Rock.

Brian “Head” Welch’s Story Inspires Zivel

Brian “Head” Welch recently released his documentary Loud Krazy Love, which focuses on his relationship with Jennea and his own spiritual journey as it relates to his time in and out of Korn. Welch co-founded Korn in 1993 and the band soon shot to fame, engaging in all the excesses of the rockstar lifestyle. Yet despite the band’s popularity and the money he was making, Welch’s life was empty and full of self-destructive behavior. He eventually became addicted to meth. “I had to make people believe I was happy,” he said, but the truth was, “I lived a lie.”

Jennea’s birth was a life-changing experience for Welch. At the time, he thought his love for her would be enough to keep him from his self-destructive habits. But it was not—he only sank deeper into his addictions.

God, however, did not leave him there. After Welch’s real estate broker invited him to church, the guitarist encountered the peace and love of God, saying, “For the first time in my life, I felt like I was home.” He dedicated his life to Jesus, asking God to take away his desire for meth. Welch then threw away his drugs and quit the band. 

However, Welch’s life only got harder after that. He experienced a lot of financial and career failures. For her part, Jennea was going through deep emotional pain and was full of anger at her father. She was cutting herself and even attempted suicide. These challenges led Welch to lash out at God for letting his life fall apart even though he had dedicated himself to Jesus.

But the two started emerging out of this dark season after Welch checked Jennea into a therapeutic facility for troubled youth. He also rejoined Korn in 2013, something he believes God led him to do so that he could share the hope of Christ with the band’s fans.

“People need hope,” said Welch. “There’s addictions like crazy in that world. There’s depression. There’s been a lot of suicide stories happening. What better place to be, having the meaning of life that I carry.”

Brian “Head” Welch Launches Zivel

Now, Welch’s experience with overcoming his own pain has led him to found Zivel, a “performance and recovery suite” that offers a number of services, including flotation therapy, an infrared sauna, and cryotherapy. The first location opened in Bakersfield, California, where Welch is from, and there are now locations in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. Additional facilities are set to open in Georgia, Arizona, and Washington State. 

Welch opened the centers in partnership with Dr. Matt O’Neill, a physical therapist who started working with Korn in 2017 to help the band with the mental and physical demands of being touring musicians. He and Welch opened their first test location in early 2018 and officially registered Zivel later that year. Their clientele includes college students, parents, and professional athletes, and their goal is to keep their services affordable while providing “a place where everyone can truly feel like a rock star.” 

In a statement, Welch said

In 2005, I found healing after years of struggling with addiction, depression, and suicidal ideation. I consider myself extremely blessed to have been made whole—body, mind, and spirit—and I’ve devoted my life to help others find the healing they deserve. The most exciting thing for me about Zivel is that our services can help revitalize every part of a person’s life—body, mind, and spirit—which again, is what I feel is my life’s purpose.