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Pandemic Linked to Surge in Domestic Violence, Suicide

As far as protecting people from committing suicide, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. The National Institute of Mental Health has this advice about what to do if you suspect someone you know might be suicidal.

The Fuller Youth Institute has a number of resources for how parents can help their children cope with the challenges arising from the pandemic. In her interview with ChurchLeaders, Dr. Kara Powell emphasized the importance of communicating well with kids about their mental health and what they are hearing about suicide. This article from FYI also has practical strategies for helping young people deal with anxiety. 

Sobolik notes that another way church members can help people in crisis is by giving to nonprofits that serve the vulnerable. Like many of us, these organizations are financially strained because of the pandemic. And of course, we can pray. Says Sobolik, “May we pour out our time, talent, and treasure for the good of others and the glory of God.”

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