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Bakker Seeks Dismissal in Silver Sol Suit, Cites Religious Freedom

Stephen Strang Defends Bakker

Bakker’s friend Stephen Strang, founder of Charisma News, wrote a defense of Bakker claiming that once again the televangelist was being unfairly treated and maligned. According to Strang, Bakker and Sellman clearly stated that the Silver Sol hadn’t been tested for COVID-19 and that they were recommending it as an immune booster:

The implication was if you didn’t know what to do to guard yourself from this dangerous new virus (and no one at the time knew), this solution might help. That’s all. He never said it was a cure. But the attorney general of Missouri, responding to complaints, issued a cease-and-desist order with which Bakker has complied. He even refunded money to those who bought the product. 

Although Bakker’s site touted the “natural, God-given actions” of silver, experts say it can make other medications less effective and can permanently turn skin gray or blue. The National Institutes of Health says silver not only is an unproven dietary supplement but “can be dangerous to your health.”

Bakker, who spent almost five years in prison for fraudulent accounting in the 1990s, went on the air in mid-April announcing his ministry and show were in financial trouble. The televangelist requested supporters send donations in the form of cash or check as credit card companies are refusing to do business with him.