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J.D. Greear: The Gospel Is Clear That Black Lives Matter

Toward the end of his address, Greear discussed the declining numbers in the SBC and the division he sees in the denomination over secondary issues, particularly over President Trump. Greear said he grieves the decline the SBC is seeing, and for good reason. “I do think we realize that there is cause for concern that fewer and fewer people are demonstrating any response to our message,” he said. “How can any true fishermen be ok with catching less and less fish?”

While Greear has been encouraged during his time as SBC president by the unity he has seen in the denomination regarding its doctrine and mission, he has been discouraged by the “divisiveness” he’s witnessed from some. 

“Honestly, I think too many of us care more about whether our side is winning in the news cycle than we do the souls of our neighbors,” he said. “We care more about sowing division on secondary issues than we do on pointing people to Jesus.”

Even something as important as who we elect as our next president is not an issue that should impact our unity within the body of Christ. People will have different conclusions about President Trump for different reasons, said Greear, but “What that compels us to do at the ballot box is not a first-order issue. Our unity in the body should not be dependent on uniformity in that choice.”

Despite having addressed some heavy topics, the SBC president closed by quoting William Carey, who said, “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” Knowing this, said Greear, we can “go forward, trusting God to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we would ask or think or imagine.”