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The Top 100 Quotes From This Year’s Global Leadership Summit

GLS 2020

This year’s Global Leadership Summit was unlike any in years’ past. The conference, which has been held every year since 1995, and which has gathered people across the world via remote locations, was held almost exclusively online this year due to the pandemic. GLS 2020 may have been a little unconventional with so many people watching from home, but that certainly didn’t seem to lessen the quality of the content.

GLS 2020: The Top 100 Quotes

Craig Groeschel

“Every major crisis creates unprecedented opportunities—if you have eyes to see.” 

“We can tolerate the pain as long as we know there’s a purpose.”

“The pathway to your greatest potential is often through your greatest fear.”

Read more about Craig Groeschel’s message at GLS 2020. 

Beth Comstock

“You have to be willing to get feedback that you don’t want to hear.” 

“The faster you can get feedback, the faster you can learn.”

“Speed to learn is a competitive advantage.”

“Whether we realize it or not, change is in everyone’s job description.”

John C. Maxwell

“Everything you really want but don’t have is outside your comfort zone.”

“Difficult times are literally made for leaders.”

Marcus Buckingham

“I will follow you into the future if you paint for me a vivid picture of what’s around the corner.”

“Resilience isn’t a trait. It’s a capacity built through this combination of three distinct sources: How you feel about yourself, your team leaders, and your leaders of leaders, of leaders.”

“Your ability to be resilient depends hugely on whether you can figure out which activities in your week actually invigorate you.”

Read more about Marcus Buckingham’s message at GLS 2020. 

Nona Jones

“You cannot make lasting impact while feeling safe.”

“The opportunity to grow always comes wrapped in an affront to how great we think we are.” 

“Being not racist is not good enough if neutrality comes with a cost.” 

“You have to build your pack in order to build your power.”

“The thing about inadequacy is it causes you to believe the lie that someone else is better equipped to do what you were assigned to do.” 

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

Read more about Nona Jones’ message at GLS 2020. 

Liz Bohannon 

“Curiosity is the #1 trait that will help you not just survive but thrive as a leader.”

Rory Vaden

“Everything you know about time management is wrong.”

“The next level of results requires the next level of thinking.”

“Until you prioritize, until you accomplish the next most significant priority, everything else is a distraction.”

“Automation is to your time what compounding interest is to your money.”

“You can’t solve today’s time management problems with yesterdays time management solutions”

“How we choose to spend our time is emotional. Yet most time management trainings or strategies are based on logic.”

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