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Feucht Takes Worship to the Streets After Seattle Closes Park

Some of those not wearing masks had still brought some with them and said they would wear the masks if it got too crowded or if it would help others feel more comfortable. “I’m not fearful of it myself, but I want to be respectful of other people,” said Todd Manning, who noted it would have been easier to practice social distancing in the park versus the street.

A woman named Jade told the Times that even though she understood people wanting to gather, she was frustrated that the event had led to Seattle residents being prevented from using the park. She held a sign that said, “Please wear a mask. I have some.” 

While Feucht has received a lot of support for his “worship protests,” he also has his critics. After he made an announcement about the Sacramento event in front of his private jet, people were quick to question whether that kind of expense was necessary.

It is not clear why Feucht believes Seattle’s city leaders have been turning a “blind eye to the riots.” If anything, it appears as though the city has been overwhelmed with dealing with days of sometimes violent unrest. 

Seattle Times reporter Heidi Groover said that Monday evening, 200 people (some carrying shields, gas masks, and umbrellas) marched to the Sodo offices of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG). According to Groover, 

Officers ordered people to back up, rode into the crowd and grabbed umbrellas from protesters. A protester deployed a fire extinguisher; police pushed their bikes into the crowd and used pepper spray and blast balls or flash-bang grenades. After officers began pushing the crowd out of the area, some in the group threw fireworks at police. As officers tried to make arrests, scuffles broke out.

SPD arrested 22 people and posted a picture of Molotov cocktails that officers reportedly found outside the SPOG office. 

This is not the first time this type of situation has occurred in Seattle. In mid-August, demonstrators threw fireworks at police, who arrested 18 and also used pepper spray and blast balls. 

According to a police spokesperson, on the evening of Aug. 25, rioters attempted to set the East Precinct building on fire and tried to trap police inside with quick-setting concrete. Sgt. Randy Huserik told Komona News, “The entirety of the uniform patrol of the Seattle Police Department was committed to what was going on at the East Precinct. If you had called 911, no one would have responded.”

On Instagram, Feucht said that powerful moments from Monday’s event included a pastor who prophesied an earthquake that actually happened and a “powerful moment of prayer and reconciliation” with local law enforcement. He also thanked officers for protection from “freaky agitators” who were planning to dump bowls of blood on him.