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After 38 Years of Work, the Whole Bible Is Now in a Sign Language for the First Time

Deaf Missions also had to continually adapt the translation process as technology changed throughout the years. Entinger says the ASL Bible translation represents a significant cultural milestone: “Not unlike how the Bible was the first book printed on a modern printing press or the creation of the first Braille Bible in the 20th century, the availability of an ASL version of the Bible demonstrates a turning point in the culture toward normalizing sign languages.”

There are a variety of projects that Deaf Missions and other deaf ministries are working on, including a version of the Jesus Film in ASL. Entinger asks that people would “spend time in prayer for the sign language Bible translation projects currently happening, and for future projects. [Pray] for sign language Bibles to impact Deaf Christians more than ever before.”

You can watch the ASL Bible translation on the Deaf Missions app or the Deaf Missions website. Deaf Missions is hosting a virtual celebration on Oct. 1 to celebrate the completion of the ASLV, as well as the organization’s 50th anniversary. Those interested in participating can join on Facebook Live at 7 p.m. Central Daylight Time.