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‘Bizarre’ Jericho March Melds Theology, Politics, and…Shofars

Jericho March

Ahead of today’s casting of electoral votes in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, supporters of President Trump gathered Saturday at marches and prayer rallies to “stop the steal.” At the main “Jericho March” in Washington, D.C., the crowd heard from speakers such as General Michael Flynn, Christian author Eric Metaxas, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. 

The event, using the theme “Let the Church ROAR,” protested voting fraud, though allegations have so far proved unfounded in court. Marchers circled the Capitol seven times, organizers said, “to send a very clear message to national and state leaders as they hear patriots and people of faith roar in support of election integrity, transparency, and reform.”

The Jericho March website states: “We will not let globalists, socialists, and communists destroy our beautiful nation by sidestepping our laws and suppressing the will of the American people … Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and corrupt political machines want the world to believe that the 2020 election is over. We have a clear message to them: You do not call elections and this election is far from over. You try to censor the truth, but we know the truth, and our God will reveal the truth.”

Jericho March: Visions, Shofars, Exorcism, and More 

Speakers at the rally invoked militaristic language and Christian and Jewish terms, with several mentioning visions they’d had about Trump. “When God gives you a vision, you don’t need to know anything else,” said Metaxas, who segued into a MyPillow.com promo. Metaxas has urged Trump supporters to fight “to the last drop of blood” to keep the current president in office.

Lindell, who told the mostly mask-less crowd that Fox News had conspired with Democrats to steal the election, said, “This is a spiritual warfare in our country and in the world.” From outside the U.S. Supreme Court, Flynn said, “There are still avenues (to victory) … We’re fighting with faith, and we’re fighting with courage.” Pro-Trump writer Lance Wallnau said, “This is the beginning of a Christian populist uprising,” adding that pastors who don’t join the movement lack courage.

Other notable happenings included the blowing of the “Trump Shofar,” prayers of deliverance from a self-described exorcist, a pastor who denounced witchcraft and Marxism, and a pastor who told listeners they were soldiers preparing for “the final mission to ending this high treason.” Several speakers solicited donations for the cause.

Quotes from Alex Jones of Info Wars included: “Humanity is awakening! Jesus Christ is King! … This is the beginning of the Great Revival before the Antichrist comes! … World government is here! … God is on our side! … We will never bow down to the Satanic pedophile New World Order! … Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed, one way or another!”

Trump, who flew overhead in the Marine One helicopter, tweeted: “Wow! Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal. Didn’t know about this, but I’ll be seeing them! #MAGA

“We are Joshuas, and we need the sound of praise to bring down the walls of the swamp,” said attendee Julia Bithorn. “We’ve come here to bind the enemy in the name of Jesus.”

California Pastor Ruth Hillary, who held a “Stop the Steal” sign, said she’ll accept the election results only if Trump accepts them. “But right now, this is a Godly protest,” she said.

Christian Critics Decry ‘bizarre’ Zealotry 

Several commentators were alarmed by the nationalism and idolatry on display. Rod Dreher, who says he’s “an Orthodox Christian and a conservative,” watched the event online and says, “You had to see it to believe it.” Dreher says he “wanted to see how far the Christian Right…would go to conflate Trump politics and religion. Pretty far, as it turns out. Right over the cliff.”