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Kirk Cameron Under Fire for Caroling Protests but ‘absolutely’ Plans to Hold More

Kirk Cameron’s actions have generated both praise and censure. On Facebook, one person said, “Love this!!! Thank you so much!” while another said, “I love what your doing..dont pay any attention to all the Negativity of the panicked on here. Breathe in that fresh night Air and enjoy.!!”

However, Thousand Oaks Mayor Claudia Bill-de la Pena told an ABC News affiliate, “Liberty and freedom are very fragile and they come with great responsibility. Continuing to hold large gatherings and ignoring all guidelines, I feel, is unchristian.”

Various people on social media have also expressed their disapproval of what Kirk Cameron is doing, including one person who said, 

I realize you believe that this was a demonstration of “LOVE over FEAR” and yet, while you all were gathering, my husband was headed to shift 2 of a 4day stretch in the ER, where covid is showing up in unprecedented numbers. He is so tired. I understand the confusion over this virus, when the survival rate is thankfully very high, and I completely understand the frustration of businesses barely hanging on during this tumultuous season; but I just don’t understand the willful negligence which will only make the issue worse. Because more than just several hundred people gathering here, you’re signaling that it’s ok to undermine efforts to protect each other, and to do what we can to help our frontline workers. I completely resonate with the notion that if we have to live with this virus, long term, we cannot be governed by fear; but is caution the opposite of love?