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UPDATE: Metal Guitarist Korn’s Brian Welch: I Was Quoted Out of Context

Brian Welch

Update 3-26-2021: Brian Welch posted on Instagram saying some of his words where taken out of context in an interview he did with Machine Head’s Rob Flynn in early March where he explained his early experience with Christianity saying, “But I think I went to far with it, and I got obsessed with it…”

On his social media page he posted a screenshot of Consequence of Sound’s article they wrote about the interview with a quote from Welch saying, “There’s nothing worse than a freakin’ irritating religious person just shoving it down your throat.”

The electrifying guitarist explained, “Some have taken my words out of context, but I do have a tendency to ramble without articulating my heart’s intent clear enough, which is typical when a person with A.D.D. tries to juggle the inflow of dozens of thoughts coming in at once.”

Welch said he was “trying to address my early fanaticism with Christianity,” and explained some of his early choices he made as a Christian were “reminiscent of a true fanatic.”

One of the ‘fanatical’ decisions he made that lead him to tell Flynn in the interview that he went too far and was obsessed early on in his Christian walk was joining a group of Christians in Arizona where the leader “squandered all my money away” and Welch said “ended up resembling a cult.”

All of the “fanatical” decisions damaged his daughter Jennea, whom he ripped out of public school because it wasn’t Christian. Welch also said he gave is mom “The Book of Christian Martyrs,” telling her that’s who he wanted to be.

Brian Welch said he will never regret giving his “entire being” to Jesus Christ and will share his story until he dies. He wrote that “Sharing your story of faith is way different than shoving Scripture down people’s throats in a heartless way as I was trying to convey in this interview with our old friend Robb.”

“When the storms come, AND THEY WILL COME, my life will not crumble,” Welch said because Jesus Christ is his foundation and is very secure. 

The the guitarist for multi-platinum band Korn and lead vocalist/guitarist for his Christian band Love and Death closed his post with letting everyone know “This life I’ve discovered is so real,” and that he will never walk away from Christ. Then Welch made a bold statement to some of the people out there, saying, “Take that you overly religious Christian haters 😂🤘.”

ChurchLeaders original article written on 3-9-2021 below:

Outspoken Christian Brian Welch, known as one of the guitarists for the world renown nu metal band Korn, recently said in an interview that he “went too far” with his preaching after he came to faith in God.

Brian “Head” Welch left Korn in 2005, the band he co-founded, after accepting Jesus as his savior, but later rejoined the band in 2013 when he says “I followed God right back into Korn, and He’s there, and I’m not separated from them [his band] or the fans any longer.” Welch isn’t the only Christian in the band now, bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu also came to the saving knowledge of Christ while Welch was gone after the sudden death of his father. Reginald gives testimony that he was prompted to “seek out the Bible” because of his father’s belief in God.

Welch and Arvizu can be seen with evangelist Todd White praying with fans in an arena lobby at a Korn concert after Brian Welch rejoined the band. 

I Got Obsessed With Christianity

In an unedited raw podcast (*warning: there is language in the interview) with heavy metal band Machine Head’s Rob Flynn, Welch was asked, “Do you feel like when you got sober, quit drugs…everything that you were on and went into Christianity that became your new addiction in a way?”

“I had an experience,” Welch said, “It wasn’t the religion…going to church and being a good boy.” Explaining his supernatural Holy Spirit experience, he told Flynn, “I felt something come into my house, and I can’t explain it to this day…but I believe it was Christ just doing something in me. So that was real — that was very real.”

“But I think I went to far with it, and I got obsessed with it…just like I was obsessed with the drugs.” Answering Flynn’s question, he said, “I believe I did for sure…I had to come out of that and find normalcy because there’s nothing worse than a freakin’ irritating religious person shoving it down your throat.”

Welch said they have had those type of Christians outside of Korn concerts saying, “Korn’s of the devil.” After realizing he was one of those people who comes across more religious than a Christ follower, he said, “I’m just glad I got through it…and I have a lot of peace and rest for my soul.” Host Flynn responded saying, “Awesome man. I’m happy for you.”

Loud Krazy Love

In 2019, Brian Welch and his daughter Jennea released a documentary titled ‘Loud Krazy Love.’ The film tells the story about his life experience in the band, his journey finding God, and his relationship with his daughter.

“Nowadays, you can show that you’re a complete mess without God and that He’s the one that’s perfect, not you, and that you don’t judge others,” Welch said.