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Brian ‘Head’ Welch: God Used My Daughter to Save Me From Drug Addiction

Brian “Head” Welch is best known to the world as guitarist and co-founder of the heavy metal band, Korn. However, after a crippling battle with meth addiction, Welch has since become a Christian. In a video interview with I Am Second, Welch retells the harrowing experience of how he came to faith and how God used his daughter, Jennea, to help save him.

Welch describes two positive feelings he experienced before he came to Christ: the high of performing in front of thousands of people who loved his music and the “euphoric feeling” he had when his daughter was born.

When he was performing for Korn and seeing all those people respond to the music, he says it puffs you up inside and makes you feel like “I’m important.” He describes the experience as people worshipping him. It’s apparent the birth of his daughter had a huge impact on him, but even this experience in and of itself didn’t have the power to change him. “I just felt so much love just fill my emotions and I thought I was going to be happy, but I couldn’t stay sober. I just didn’t know how,” Welch recalls.

Brian Welch Ex-Wife: Rebekah

Welch explains he never wanted to dabble with meth in the first place, after witnessing how it stole his ex-wife’s life. He says he despised his ex-wife and the mother of his child for choosing drugs over her kid, but then eventually ended up stumbling down the same path she did. The drug rehab near Orlando can help overcome drug addiction.

One day his real estate broker told Welch, “I felt this Scripture jump out at me. I’ve never done this before…but I felt like this would mean something to you.” The Scripture his real estate broker share was Matthew 11:28: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” For some reason, this word from his broker prompted Welch to accept an invitation to go to church.

Brian Welch Accepting Jesus

Welch recalls accepting Jesus at the church service, yet going home to do drugs. This time, though, when he looked at his daughter, he knew something was different. He remembers the prayer he prayed to Jesus that day: “You know I want to quit. You know I want to be a good Dad for this kid. She lost her mother to drugs and she’s going to lose me if I don’t quit.” He asked Jesus to take the drugs away from him.

After praying, Welch says “I felt so much fatherly love from heaven, and it was like ‘I don’t condemn you. I love you. I love you.’”

“God used her to save me”

“Instantly, that love from God came into me. It was so powerful that the next day I threw away all my drugs and I quit Korn,” Welch recalls. He experienced the love of God coming into him and then out to his daughter. All of a sudden, he had the desire to raise her properly. Later, Welch would come to realize “God used her to save me to save her later on.”

Besides the overwhelming love of God the Father Welch so candidly expresses, he also has shares a significant revelation about fulfillment. His explains that through becoming famous with Korn, his dreams came true more than he could ever imagine—money, houses, cars, sex, drugs, anything he wanted to try to find pleasure. But when Christ came in, Welch says he was given the gift of understanding life, which he now understands as, “everything was created for Christ, and by him, and we’re created to be with him. And it’s the most incredible feeling because you’re where you belong.”

Welch says, “The question about life is answered.”