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OK Pastor Murdered After Warning Church Devil Is Out to Destroy and Kill Them

Pastor Murdered by His Wife's Accomplice After Warning Church Devil is Out to Destroy and Kill Them

Oklahoma pastor David Charles Evans of Harmony Free Will Baptist Church was killed by a gunshot wound on March 22, 2021, while in his home in Ada. According to a report by The Christian Post, Pastor Evans gave his congregation a warning that the devil would “seek and destroy them for being witnesses to God’s power in the world” just hours before his death.

Fifty-year-old Evans was at home with his wife at the time he was shot, and she was the one who called paramedics in the early Monday morning hours. During the 9-1-1 call, she said an intruder entered her home and shot her husband. Evans was declared dead at the paramedics’ arrival.

During their investigation, The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) arrested Pastor Evans’ wife, Kristie Dawnell Evans, after she confessed to agents her role in her husband’s murder along with accomplice and convicted felon Kahili Deamine Square. 

OSBI said, “Based on evidence collected and interviews conducted, Kristie [Evans] and Square were identified as suspects in David’s murder. Yesterday morning, Kristie met agents at the Ada Police Department where she confessed and was immediately placed into custody.”

In a statement giving by OSBI’s Special Agent Brown that was based on his interview with Pastor Evan’s wife, he said that Mrs. Evans and Mr. Square developed a sexual relationship while her husband was in Mexico on a missions trip. Agent Brown revealed that, “Kristie asked Kahlil to kill David” while he was in Mexico, and the two “planned the murder.”

Kristie Evans identified Kahili Square as the shooter during the OSBI investigator interviews, and she alleged that her husband was “controlling and verbally abusive” toward her.

Director of the OSBI Ricky Adams said the investigation was a team effort. He explained, “OSBI agents from across the state worked tirelessly on this investigation for days. With the help of OSBI intelligence analysts and multiple law enforcement agencies, the suspects responsible for Evans’ murder are in custody. Our team will always follow the evidence and find the truth.”

A Community Is in Shock Over Pastor Dave’s Murder

Known as Pastor Dave by his church, Mike Wade who is the Executive Director for Oklahoma Free Will Baptists said, “Dave was a very energetic pastor. They are going to miss him a great deal and, of course, they are shocked and devastated and can’t believe this news.”

Pastor Dave has been described by his friends as someone who loved mission trips, was funny, unique, and a huge Star Wars fan. Will Harman, a member from Pastor Evans’ former church in Arkansas said, “It was heart wrenching and something we still can’t really wrap our minds around that we’ve lost such a great man, great father, and great pastor.”

In a sermon that has since been removed, Pastor David Evans said, “If your life is bearing witness of the power of Jesus, then they should get used to being attacked by the devil.”

“Sometimes, I just stop and think. If the devil is not attacking you with everything he’s got in trying to destroy and kill you, maybe [it’s] because you’re not the reason anybody is believing in Jesus. And as a pastor and just as a Christian, what a waste,” he preached.

Confidently, the pastor told his congregation last Sunday that “we can live for eternity with Him, and it’s time for Christians to live victoriously. I’m not defeated! This world can give me the best and the worst they’ve got.”

After saying he knows all about attacks, Pastor Evans said, “I know all about health problems and attacks on the body…attacks on finances…attacks on the spirit…Bring it! Bring it! Because I know who fights my battles.”

Harmony Free Will Baptist Church‘s Facebook page has since been disabled at the time this article was released.