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UPDATE: After ‘Valid Criticism,’ Josh Harris Takes Down His Deconstruction Course

Joshua Harris

UPDATED August 16, 2021: After receiving widespread criticism, Joshua Harris has decided to pull his five-week “Reframe Your Story” course, which included a “Deconstruction Starter Pack.” Harris had marketed the course for $275, although he offered it for free to anyone “anyone harmed by purity culture” or his books.

“One of the benefits of the internet is that you get rapid feedback, whether positive or negative,” said Harris in an Instagram post over the weekend. “After I launched my course Reframe Your Story I’ve heard from many of you with concerns about charging for the course and whether I should be teaching it at all. Thank you for taking the time to give your input to me. I’ve tried to listen and learn. ⁣As a result of hearing your perspective and valid criticism, I’ve decided to pull the course.”⁣

The focus of the criticism, at least from Harris’ supporters, seems to come from a perception that Harris was presenting himself as an authority on a topic (deconstruction) that was still relatively new to him. “I agree that I’m not an expert or a deconstruction guru,” he said, explaining that he had hoped to use his influence to help people in their journeys and to bring attention to beneficial resources that others were offering. His method, however, was “flawed.” 

Only four people paid for the course and they will get their money back, said Harris, adding that he was “so glad the vast majority used the free option. This made me really happy.” Those who signed up for the course will not be getting any more follow-up emails, and Harris also apologized for not getting permission from the people he linked to in his deconstruction resource. He concluded:

While my course was offered with a free option, I encourage everyone to access and financially support the content and courses being offered by others in the deconstruction community. They’re passing on incredible value and expertise, and pouring so much themselves into their work. ⁣

Thanks again for speaking up and seeking to help me do better. I’m going to continue listening, learning, and growing.

Many of Harris’ followers responded with gratitude and encouragement for his willingness to listen and to take down his course. “One of the attitudes I detested most in fundyland was the inability to learn, grow, pivot and shift,” said one. “Thank you for your transparency and willingness to not just use your platform for good—but to learn from the experiences of others as well.” Another said, “Thank you for listening. This is encouraging.”

Others, however, while they are thankful that Harris has pulled his course, believe that he can do more to resist continuing in some of the unhealthy patterns he displayed even prior to rejecting Christianity. 

ChurchLeaders original article written on August 11, 2021, below:

Joshua Harris has created a five-week course called “Reframe Your Story,” which includes a “Deconstruction Starter Pack” and costs $275. However, there is a code to enable “anyone harmed by purity culture” or Harris’ books to get the course for free.

“What if you stopped needing to have all the answers—and learned to live with uncertainty and mystery?” says the Reframe Your Story homepage, which explains there is no “right way” to deconstruct. “This course gives you a new way to frame your unfolding story. It’s not about convincing you of any particular conclusion, it gives you a framework, and questions to help you rethink and grow. And the best part is it connects you to others who are asking the same questions.”