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Amid Ongoing Criticism, Mark Driscoll Takes Aim at Critical Race Theory

Screen grab from Facebook: @Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll, pastor of The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, and subject of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast, is taking aim at “critical theory” with a new book and other resources he promises will offend “woke” people. These resources will be available on Friday, October 1. 

Driscoll promoted his resources in a recent Facebook video, saying, “God has Christian theology. Satan has critical theory. These are the two ideologies that are at war in our day, and they’re playing themselves out in every area: politically, economically, socially, morally, spiritually, maritally, sexually.” 

Driscoll went on to explain that he believes critical theory, which includes Critical Race Theory or CRT, is not only unhelpful, but actually demonic. “And, ultimately, here’s what I’m telling you: behind all the problems is the problem of critical theory, and behind critical theory is the Critic,” Driscoll said. “It’s spiritual warfare. It’s a demonic battle. It’s the one area that people have not considered, because they don’t have the Spirit and they don’t know Christ. And I’m here to help.” 

Driscoll then directed viewers to his new book and accompanying hour-long recorded talk on the topic, before signing off by saying, “And if you’re one of those woke joke folk, you’re welcome. You’re going to be offended.”

The Ongoing Mark Driscoll Story

Driscoll has been the subject of ongoing criticism for his actions as pastor of his former church, as well as his current one.

The Seattle based Mars Hill Church, which Driscoll planted in 1996 and resigned from in 2014, has become the subject of Christianity Today’s journalistic podcast, “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill.” In the podcast, host Mike Cosper explores the factors that led to the success and rapid growth of Mars Hill as well as its rapid decline. The church disbanded shortly after Driscoll resigned amid accusations of abusive leadership behaviors.

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Driscoll has also been the subject of criticism for his allegedly abusive behavior during his current tenure as pastor of The Trinity Church. Reports claim that Driscoll utilized the church’s security team to keep a former church member’s family under constant surveillance, forbidding any current members to have any contact with them. Chad Freese, former head of security at The Trinity Church, has come forward to corroborate the stories. 

These reports led the former board members of Mars Hill Church to release a statement calling for Driscoll to resign immediately, expressing their disappointment that Driscoll appears to be engaging in “sinful leadership behaviors” that are “similar to what he exhibited in his leadership role at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.”

Driscoll has not publicly commented on these reports, the statement from the former board members of Mars Hill, or The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast. 

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