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Al Mohler Responds to Presbyterian Minister Who Claims Abortion Is ‘Morally Good’

Peters concluded her article by urging people of faith to trust women as “full moral agents,” adding, “We need more Christians to stand up and testify that abortion can be a morally good decision and women must be trusted to make moral decisions.”

Albert Mohler Responds

Dr. Albert Mohler responded to Peters’ article on his podcast The Briefing, arguing that the moral stigma of abortion will remain, regardless of how pro-choice advocates seek to remove it.

“[Abortion] still comes with huge moral judgment. And I’ve made the argument that because of the imago Dei, because of the image of God, it’s going to continue to do so,” Mohler said. “Doctors aren’t going to go around bragging that they performed abortions, or if they do, they’re going to be exceptions to the rule. People are not going to go around celebrating the fact that they’ve had abortions, or if they do, they’re going to be exceptions to the rule.”

Mohler added, “Rebecca Todd Peters is an exception to the rule.”

Mohler then argued that the stigma of abortion cannot be removed by merely arguing that it is morally neutral, saying, “Moral neutrality doesn’t work. Everybody knows this is too big an issue to be morally neutral. You’re going to have to somehow argue that it’s not a moral evil, it is indeed a moral good.”

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“And we have now reached that point in the debate, we’ve now reached that point in the devolution of the pro-abortion movement, and we’ve reached it in this article,” Mohler said, referring to Peters’ argument that abortion can be morally good. 

Mohler went on to say, “Now, we’ve actually seen, we’ve witnessed ourselves in [Peters’] article the leap over that vast canyon of common sense.”

Addressing Peters’ admiration of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion, Mohler said, “It was a pro-abortion group of mainline liberal clergy. And we need to note – this is not a hidden fact — liberal theology was one of the major engines of the pro-abortion movement.” 

“Liberal theology denied the accuracy, the inerrancy, the stability, the trustworthiness, the objective truth of divine revelation and Scripture. And once you do that, then you make up your morality on your own,” Mohler said. 

Mohler continued, “But this is literally what the Bible warns about, those who call evil good and good evil. That is exactly what’s going on here.”

In response to Peters’ call to see women as full moral agents, Mohler argued that pro-life advocates do just that. However, he concluded, “Full moral agents don’t get to make up the morality…That’s not moral agency, that’s moral insanity.”

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