Home Christian News Mark Burns: We Need ‘Demon-Killing Machines’ Like Greg Locke in Politics

Mark Burns: We Need ‘Demon-Killing Machines’ Like Greg Locke in Politics

On Tuesday, Burns tweeted a photo of himself with Stone, Locke, and Kristin Davis, who once ran a high-end prostitution ring in Manhattan. “Great friends who love the Lord,” the caption reads. “He whom the Son has set free is free indeed..!!!”

Locke hasn’t indicated any plans to run for office. Despite his Twitter ban, the pastor says, “There’s always a platform for the truth.” In a video posted last Friday, Locke says his church will always be open and will always “stay biblical.”

“The day of the megachurch was ruined by COVID,” he says, “and I say thanks be unto God, because they needed to fall and be exposed for what they were. We want to stay humble. We want to stay right. We want to stay biblical.” Locke continues, “I’ve seen too many pastors in churches get famous and go crazy, but we’re going to…keep it biblical. And we are not going to compromise. And the day I compromise the integrity of the Word of God is the day that I need to step down.”

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